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Our Departments


Not much beats the smell of fresh baked bread in the morning, that’s why we’re making it an all day affair at Mercato Fresh. Our team of talented bakers will be preparing fresh baguettes and artisanal breads on the hour throughout the day, every day. Want to put something on that bread? No problem! We have range of gourmet sandwiches using fresh produce, meats and cheeses from our very own aisles. Soup or salad with that? We’ve got you covered with rotating selections of each! How about those special occasions? We feature a wide selection of birthday and celebration cakes that will put the icing on on your special day!


Straight from the Terminal in Toronto to our doors, no warehousing in between! This means the produce is in our customers hands sooner than the big box stores even get theirs. We are committed to bringing the freshest fruits and vegetables to the Chatham-Kent community and deal with local farmers as much as possible. Come see, smell and taste the difference because it’s not just fresh, it’s Mercato Fresh!

Prepared Meals

Come taste the difference that over 25 years in the restaurant industry can make! The Mercato Fresh team is composed of experienced chefs with the talents to make our product sing. Prepared fresh daily, our take-away meals are made from the same fresh produce, meats, breads and cheese that you’ll find in our aisles! Busy with work and need a quick lunch? Hosting guests for a big meal? Just want a night off from the kitchen? Let us take care of things for you! Join our email list for updates and offered specials!


Windsor’s best butcher is coming to Chatham….“We Are An Old Fashion Butcher Shop with a Modern Day Twist”! Marc Romualdi opened up his first store on the west side of Windsor in 2005 and started with only 7 employees. Now he has two butcher shops with over 70 employees. Marc has a passion for people, business and nothing makes him happier than putting quality food on the tables of his valued customers and Mercato Fresh became the next logical step in bringing these values to an expanded community of discerning shoppers.
“We work hard to bring our customers the best quality products available. We work hand in hand with farmers and packers to ensure quality and getting the best price in order to offer significant value to our loyal customers”


Restaurant quality sushi to-go! When we decided to offer sushi at Mercato Fresh, we wanted to bring you the best! And so we brought on Ted Dimoglou, esteemed chef/owner of Windsor, Ontario’s Tiki Sushi! Over the past five years the ‘little restaurant that could’ has earned a reputation for the freshest seafood in the city and the imagination to bring it the next level. Ted is a Red Seal certified chef with over 22 years of experience working with seafood and sushi. While being influenced by Japanese and Asian cuisine, Chef Ted loves to use Mediterranean and Spanish ingredients in a novel way to create something unique and adventurous.


Let us make your shopping experience a little more enjoyable with our full-service coffee bar! Enjoy a cappuccino or latte while you enjoy our cafe/dining area, peruse our aisle or grab a bag of fresh roasted beans to bring home. Our ‘Ethiopian Sidamo’ Coffee, specifically roasted for Mercato Fresh, is known for its rich, full body, sweet and complex flavour, low acidity, floral aroma, and a finish that is bright and soft. Enjoy a cup with us!